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The Denny Project??

First let me say Thank You for visiting our site.
I sat for awhile staring at my computer screen trying to do decide what to say about my family. Finally I decided to tell the story of how I came to build this site and why. If you drink coffee, I'd get a cup, then put your feet up and let me tell you a story. I'll try not to put you to sleep.

My name is Denny, hence the name Denny Project. I have four children, well not children anymore all but one are teenagers and the last soon to be. They are Brandon 17, Andrew 16, Diana 14, and Justyn 12. Thirteen years ago my wife and I divorced and beleive me it wasn't a pretty picture. From then until recently, I was unable to have any kind of fatherly relationship with my children. Not because I didn't want to, but my relationship with my ex-wife made it all but impossible. She was constantly moving around, as was I. Slowly over time I became a once or twice a year Dad.

As time went on, the hurt in my heart for my children became unbearable. I missed alot of things in their life that I will never see and never be apart of. And that pain I will carry with me forever.

Do you believe in fate? Do you feel that sometimes your path is chosen for you without your knowledge? Or that you are being led on your journey down lifes winding road?

About a year ago, I decided to make a drastic change in my life. I wanted my family back and was willing to do whatever it took to make it happen. At the time I had a good job working as a Maintenance Manager for a reputable business in my area. My yearly salary was allmost $60,000. But I didn't have my children and was extremely un-happy.

Somewhere along the line I decided to leave my job and move to Texas. Here is where things started getting strange, I went to my parents house in West Virginia and tried to phone my brother (he lives in Texas) and discuss my idea of moving with him. When I tried to call him, the number that my parents had was no longer his. He doesn't call very often so we had know way of knowing the number didn't work. Anyway, five minutes after I hung the phone up my brother calls. He said that he was calling just to be calling and had no idea I was trying to reach him. And the number that we had was indeed his old number. You couldn't imagine how relieved I was.

My brother and I spoke for awhile and decided that I would be better off in Texas and that he would help me get on my feet. The next morning I loaded up the car and headed west. I was a little worried because the car I was driving wasn't in the best shape. It needed tires and work on the steering and I was about to drive it 1200 miles. Well let me tell you that old car ran like a new one all the way to Texas.

Once I arrived in Texas, I went to work allmost immediately as a electrical sub-contractor making good wages. I still didn't have a home and was looking furiously. Then one day while on the job, a total stranger approaches and said he heard I was looking for a place to live. I was surprised to say the least. He said that he had just bought a house and had a trailer that he couldn't just leave sitting empty. He offered the trailer to me. I could move in without paying anything upfront, all the utilities were still in his name so the only thing that I had to worry about was moving in. Needless to say, I was elated. It actually took me awhile to accept his offer, because at the time I wasn't sure Texas was where I wanted to be. But, finally I did move in to the trailer.

This whole time I was further away from my children than I had ever been before and wasn't liking that at all. After I moved in to the trailer I signed up for internet access so I could easily keep in touch with my parents back east.

I started doing research on the internet into HTML coding and all aspects of web design. I'm not really sure why I decided to pursue that path but I immersed myself into it completely. After about a month, I decided Texas wasn't where I wanted to be. I was to far from my children. True, I didn't get to see them often, but still, I was too far away. I tolerated Texas for about 6 months and during this whole time I was downloading as much info as I could find on the net in regards to HTML. I think that this decision to learn HTML was being made for me. The day that I downloaded that last peice of info off the net that I felt I needed, I logged off and went to make a phone call and no longer had phone service or an internet connection. Just like that it was time to go home.

I had 200 hundred dollars in my pocket and a full tank of gas when I left Texas for Ohio. Crazy, don't you think. But once again I had a flawless trip.

After arriving back in Ohio I discovered that my family was falling apart. Diana and Andrew both were in trouble with the law. As a matter of fact I had to watch my daughter get put in handcuffs and shackles for underage consumption and an unruly charge that her mother had filed against her. Believe me I cried with her as she was being led away. I had to help them and wasn't sure what to do. Then I decided on a website, if I could give them a creative outlet then maybe I could change the course of their lives.

So you see this site is created with an enormous amount of love and has accomplished what it was intended for. My daughters poetry is here and content chosen by other members of my family. I see them all everyday and love them very much. I still don't work because so much of my time is devoted to their well being. But I have no regrets. For the time being due to financial restrictions these pages will have to remain on a free server.

I sincerely believe I was sent to Texas to acquire the ammunition needed to save my family from a downhill spiral. One could easily say that "The Denny Project" is the lifeboat that brought my family ashore. So, please enjoy your stay and feel the love in your heart as you browse our pages. Once again thank you for stopping by.

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