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This tribute comes from the heart of everyone here at the Denny Project.

On September 11,2001 I was at work in Valley City Ohio. When the
1st Tower was hit by the plane, work all but stopped. Everyone at
the shop was in shock. "This can't be happening" was the statement
heard most often along with the questions, "Who?" and "Why?".

I had gone outside with a few of the workers. By this time the 2nd Tower
had been hit and we all knew that our freedom was under attack. The
skies were being cleared, planes were being grounded. As we stood there
wondering what would happen next, a plane came from out of the east. We
were gathered on the north side of the building looking towards Cleveland.
As we watched, it was commented on concerning the erratic behaviour of the
plane and its altitude. It flew directly towards Cleveland and then it
made a u-turn and headed back east. This is something you just don't see.
Airplanes don't make u-turns. Not long afterwards we heard about the plane
that crashed in a Pennsylvania field. We all knew the plane we saw that
morning was the plane doomed to crash in that lonely field.

When I close my eyes, I can still see that plane and my heart
goes out to the families that lost a friend or loved one on that terrible morning.

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